Episode 7

Published on:

25th Jul 2022

Talent Guide with Bryce Keithley - Recommended TA software, learning new trends, talent as a service

A look at HR Tech from the point-of-view of TA! This episode covers: -Talent-as-a-service, what it is, when to consider it -Building out at TA tech stack and recommended tools -Unsolved issues in TA and thoughts on LinkedIn Bryce Rattner Keithley operates Great Team Partners (greatteam.partners), a talent advisory service, and advises several startups.
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The ins and outs of going to market within HR Tech & the future of work
A podcast show connecting with founders, operators, and investors within the HR Tech world. Specifically, hyper focused on the niche of bringing products to market within HR Tech, the future of work, and DAOs.

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