Episode 5

Published on:

28th May 2022

A new way of working with Ricky Yean from Flow Club

Flow.club is a new way of working that helps connect high achievers that want to get things done. This network is currently invite only with entrepreneurs, academics, and venture capitalists. We cover how Ricky and his co-founders worked towards a social product, solving the zero user utility problem in a work context. What keeps users coming back and a few key aspects of Flow.club's virality. This feels like a virtual co-working space that actually makes people more productive. Absolutely check it out: https://in.flow.club/upcoming?inviteCode=hr-tech-gtm
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The ins and outs of going to market within HR Tech & the future of work
A podcast show connecting with founders, operators, and investors within the HR Tech world. Specifically, hyper focused on the niche of bringing products to market within HR Tech, the future of work, and DAOs.

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